Het ondersteunen van kansarme kinderen in Tanzania

Our mission

Our mission is to help children from Tanzania to get a good education, so they can in the near future help their country to develop further.

How to apply for a scholarship from Stichting Loyola?

  • Be a citizen of Tanzania.
  • Finished basic school near ChemChem with a positive reference from the headmaster.
  • Have a finished highschool degree that will enable you to gain entry to a university in Tanzania.
  • You have applied to a university and have received an unconditional offer.
  • You have a recommendation from our local advisory board. This advisory board is appointed by our foundation, and can be found on this website.


  • A scholarship will be a contribution to your cost of living and costs of study. 
  • There will be a maximum term, depending on the length of your study.